About Me
Hello, my name is Ryan Mense and I'm a Twin Cities-based artist specializing in nature and wildlife photography.
Since 2014, I've worked as a features editor and writer for Fstoppers, an online resource for educating photographers and professional creatives. My contributions largely include camera gear reviews, industry news, interviews, and opinion essays. You can check out my articles here on Fstoppers. I'm also in charge of selections for the Photo of the Day feature and manage the @officialfstoppers Instagram account.
I've collaborated with top brands such as Phase One and Sony.
Artist Statement
My goal is to create art that obeys a technical workflow for impeccable quality and refined aesthetics, while also interpreting my subjects in a way that best reflects my feelings and vision.

My work comprises of using professional photographic equipment to best capture the scenes that I spend a lot of time searching and waiting for. I process and adjust the images in a way that best expresses the emotion I experienced while on location. Because every detail of the image is explored in post-processing, the final product is deliberate and fully-realized.
I've reviewed many cameras, lenses, and other photography-related accessories. Check them out below.
• Sony RX100 VI​​​​​​​
Camera Bags
• Creatic
• “Treasured Lands” by QT Luong
• “Street Photography” by Gordon Lewis
• ​​​​​​​“More Than a Rock” by Guy Tal